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Tynemouth, Cullercoats, Whitley Bay and North Shields have an 
abundance of pop culture history. North Tyneside has strong links with 
a diverse group of actors, musicians, writers, filmmakers and 
productions ranging from Sting to Stan Laurel - from the Pet Shop Boys 
to the Dinner Ladies. The locality has a history going back to the 
Iron Age but more recently has produced some world class entertainers, 
playwrights, directors and composers. Live music, theatre and cinema 
are more popular at the Coast than ever and are attracting large 
enthusiastic audiences via The Mouth of the Tyne Festival, the Whitley 
Bay Film Festival and the regular events at venues as diverse as the 
Avalon (Trojan Rooms), Jam Jar Cinema, Low Lights Tavern and the Surf 
Cafe. Come and see the sights, listen to the backstage gossip and hear 
the music inspired by and written at the coast on our Tyne Idols 
'Vintage Atlantean Double Decker Bus', (wimps beware, our customised 
sound system is like a real gig....LOUD in parts) The tour lasts two 
hours and will be hosted by ex-Lindisfarne drummer and long-time 
Tynemouth resident Ray Laidlaw.

Quotes from recent guests travelling in April 2015:

"The tour was first-class, the best thing I've ever done as a tourist."

"...and the bus tour had my eyes watering as soon as Waters of Tyne 
came on as we crossed the Tyne and my tears were never far away after 
that ... feelings so powerful. It was so interesting to hear about 
Sting's days in the Newcastle Big Band"

"Just home right now. It was a whirlwind weekend a tour of 
Wallsend/Newcastle, and a meet and greet. I haven't yet the words to 
explain how wonderful it was"

"I am at a loss for words to describe this past weekend. What can I 
say about the TyneIdols Tour, all things Sting and some history of 
Newcastle. Bravo!”

"I was so fascinated by the landscape, the mouth of the river, the 
fortress right next to the sandy beach. It was great to get some 
background information about the area and being safely on the bus 
while it was raining”

"I know will go down as one of my best ever days.... 10am was the 
TyneIdols bus tour hosted by Ray. Amazing to see all the haunts of the 
musos of the Toon..Including all Stings old hangouts.. A nice chat 
with his old boss from theNewcastle big band"

"The next few hours flew by with a combination of happy singing, belly 
laughs,and misty eyes. Your magical tour went straight to our hearts. 
By now, you know the BBC camera crew caught us singing the chorus, and 
some fun interviews with Annette, Shig, and Daniel. We saw it all: too 
many great locations to mention. But we laughed at the charmingly 
funny narration from our guide. We sang along to FANTASTIC selections 
of Tyneside music by artists from the Toon. But it's the kindness that 
has stayed with us. Picture it -- we're touring through Stingcountry, 
wearing black and yellow scarves and striped shirts, hearing songs and 
stories, and then...The following song comes on (Jimmy Nail and Mark 
Knopfler ~Big River... and for us, it was for the very first time we'd 
heard it -- and I'm not ashamed to say that we cried as it played, 
while we looked out at the sea, at the Tyne...Listen carefully -- if 
you've never heard it before, you're in for a treat. But having heard 
it on that bus for the very first time? It's a moment that will stay 
with us forever. Thank you for a ride we'll never forget”

"I was the guy from Belfast who got on the private fan club Walking in 
the Footsteps of Sting tour on Saturday 25/04 at the last minute. If 
you'd let me know if there is going to be another one and when, I'd 
fly over and do the whole thing again, it was that good. In 

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