Grimsby review by Helen Franklin

Jimmy in Grimsby

Went to see Jimmy at Grimsby last night, it was a great show, but I think that next time I will go to Ipswich or Cambridge as it's nearer, just fancied a change of venue.

The show was great, the best yet!

He sang traditional numbers like Croc Shoes, Big River, Blue Roses, Once Upon a Time and A Thousand Nights. Three songs from the new album, Lady D'Arbanville(Cat Stevens). Clear White Light (Lindisfarne) and The Last Time (Rolling Stones). The rest of the show was a suprising mix of other songs, done in his own special way: Bad Moon Rising, An Elvis Costello number called Ship Building, and a Dusty Springfield Song (can't remember the name).

Most of the songs were not on the new album, I don't know where they came from, but they were good anyway. I feel that he sang better live than on the new album, I have had it for a couple of weeks as I managed to buy a promo copy from Ebay.

Jimmy appeared very relaxed, with his usual banter and jokes, he kept clearing his throat and coughing and was drinking warm honey and lemon, but his voice was excellent, strong, powerful and always reaching the notes.

A fan threw a blue rose on to the stage during Blue Roses and he thanked her and galently tucked it into his pocket for the rest of the show.

He said that he would have to develop a 'builders bum' for the new series of 'Pet', and after remarking that he was feeling hot a member of the audience shouted "get your kit off!". He replied "I don't think so, at 47 I know my limitations" (I was a bit disappointed).

It was a great evening that ended too quickly, but showed his obvious talent and ability to entertain.


Helen Franklin