Newcastle 9 April 2001 - review by Sharon Austin


There's no place like home

(True, but there's no place like Newcastle if you're going to see Jimmy Nail)

It's been a week now since our trip to Newcastle's City Hall to see Jimmy Nail, and we've had time to reflect on the show.


The evening commenced at about 7:30, with the support band 'Brother Nature' which consists of two brothers, Melvin and Adrian Duffy. Most of the way through their set I was commenting to Alan that they were extremely talented but I couldn't see them making it as a duo, perhaps if they were part of Jimmy's band? (sorry Jimmy, but we hadn't read the programme properly by that time).

At around 8:30 the main band started to arrive on stage to the tune 'There's no place like home' and that's exactly what Jimmy said to a rousing applause when he arrived on stage. (We didn't like to mention that we were in fact imposters in the home camp.)
The feeling that you get when Jimmy is on stage in Newcastle is not comparable to anywhere else in the country, the feeling is somehow very different, and one which you cannot explain.
The first song of the evening was Lady D'arbanville performed in a very upbeat way. I have never heard the original but I have heard the Jimmy Nail album version courtesy of Jonathan Ross a few weeks ago and I must say I am extremely impressed both with the album and the live versions.

The evening continued with a mixture of Jimmy Nail originals (some of course from Paddy McAloon) and covers from the new album, with a bit of banter in between.
There was mention of Stevedores, which we are now familiar with (thanks to the Oxford English Dictionary), that's a clue to another favourite that he played, and there is nowhere in the World that can beat hearing that song in Newcastle. Jimmy also mentioned the new Auf Wiedersehn Pet series which also meant mentioning last year's 'Sunday Night for Sammy' gig, which also stirred a tear or two.
The show was extremely well balanced and we enjoyed it immensely. Considering how much we both dislike cover versions we were extremely impressed, and we may even rate it as the best JN show we've ever been to.

We do of course have a set list but I believe that this is best kept a secret partly because it spoils the excitement of the show and partly because the set may be altered and you may be disappointed if your favourite tune is not played.
We are going to 2 more concerts (Ipswich and Southend) and I am not expecting quite the same feelings but I am very much looking forward to it.
To round up, the Jimmy Nail Tour 2001 is possibly the best we've ever been to and we would be surprised if anyone could be disappointed.

The Album should be out on 30/4 (we'll believe that when we see it) and Jimmy should be appearing on the Lottery show with Dale Winton on 28/4?