Scarborough review by Shelley Taylor

Jimmy in Scarborough !!

What another great show. Went to see Jimmy in
Scarborough on the 10th of April.

Arrived in a VERY cold Scarborough to be soon warmed up by seeing Geoff Dugmore walking down the sea front hehe!! Took our seat in the Futurist Theatre 3 rows from the front but in an aisle - perfect view of Jimmy and the rest of the band.

He arrived on stage to loud applause and cheers, immediately commented on how cold it was and told us he'd tried to go for a walk on the beach earlier but couldn't manage it as it was too cold.

He sounded as good as ever, singing a few well known songs but also one of my favourites "Love will find someone for you" he hasn't sung that since 1997 when I saw him at Sheffield Arena. And it made me cry just like it did 5 years ago. But then a surprise, he sang a song (not sure what it was called) originally done for Dusty Springfield and after he'd sung it he dedicated it to Miriam who was sat in the audience, he went on to tell her how much he loves her and said he must do to say it in front of all these people.

Then it came to him singing "Big River" I have seen him sing this live 4 times before Scarborough, once on the quayside in Newcastle but I have never seen him so emotional, the reason for this became apparent when he'd finished. His boys were also sat in the audience, he said it made him feel emotional as his boys were there and had better get on before he started bawling. He sung it with such emotion it was unbelievable. Definitely the best I have seen yet.

If you haven't been yet you are definitely in for a treat, you can never tire of him as all his shows are so different, this was definitely one of the best.


Shelley Taylor