Alan's Review (2000)

It was such a mild day that we could pretend to be Geordies by walking around Newcastle town centre in the middle of February without wearing jackets.

We walk into the bar under the City Hall and immediately see some local celebrities gathered round a table in the corner:

Brendan Healy - he played Spender's ex-wife's boyfriend. I think he was also in Crocodile Shoes.

Mike Elliott - he was the factory worker in Crocodile Shoes that wouldn't talk to the bloke that got promoted.

Tim Healy - Dennis from Auf Weidersehen, Pet and co-founder of the Sammy Johnson Memorial Fund.

Standing next to us was the actress who played Marjorie Osborne (Oz's wife) in Auf Weidersehen, Pet. I resisted the temptation to ask her if she still had those leopard-skin thigh boots.

A Newcastle Brown later (was it my imagination or was it so much smoother than when you drink it in London) and we battled our way up the narrow stairs to A67 and A68 in the balcony, overlooking the stage from the left.

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