Sharon's review (2004)

Another Sunday for Sammy show (2 actually) that was awe inspiring.

We've been to all 5 Sunday for Sammy shows and each has been fantastic. Going to the afternoon and evening shows is worth every penny as the shows are 'Live' they are always different. The 'Shows' were being filmed for Video/DVD, which is great as the very first one was filmed but was never released, and no matter how closely you try to watch a show like this you always miss things so a DVD/Video is a great souvenir.

The show started in darkness with 'Blaydon Races'. Jimmy Nail and Tim Healy came on stage to introduce the show and the charity.

Lindisfarne and the 'House band' (including Brendan Healy) started the music with the Animals song 'Boom Boom'. This was followed by a sketch by Peter Peveley.

Denise Welch came on stage and performed a sketch with her friend Angie Lonsdale and Peter Beardsley. During the second show, Brian Capron came on and asked the audience 'did anybody order a people carrier'?

Jimmy, Tim, Kevin Whatley, Brian Johnson (AC/DC fame) & Ray Stubbs sung a special Geordie version of the Johnny Cash song 'A Boy Named Sue' taking turns to sing parts of the song which was amusing. Hang on a minute!!! Brian Johnson is the guy I was talking to at breakfast this morning, I thought he looked like a rock singer even though I didn't know who he was, what a nice bloke!!!

There were Auf Pet sketches with Jimmy, Tim, Kevin, Brian, Brendan and more which involved the building of Hadrian's wall, and some very funny jokes.

Brendan and Tim both proved their singing ability, Tim singing 'Desperado' and sorry Brendan but I can't remember your song. Brendan also told some jokes which were as funny as ever.

Throughout the show Jimmy and Tim were on stage talking about the charity, they introduced a comedy act called Soup Entertainment Co who performed an excellent comedy sketch about St Bede. Later in the show Jimmy and Tim introduced a band called Carma who have also benefited from the charity. They performed a noisy song which showed their talent as they can sing and play music very well.

Jimmy was joined by his sister Val. She talked about her memories of Sammy, then she and Jimmy sang together 'My Canny Tyneside'. It was very well sung but it was great as it's rare to hear Jimmy sing these days despite his fabulous voice.

Part way through each show Jimmy appeared clutching a football that NUFC had used during their Euro Cup qualifier against Breda. Jimmy said that under a seat there was a gold star and the person that had it would get the ball which had been signed by everyone. In the first show we didn't see who won, but in the second the winner was sitting directly in front of me.

The shows ended with everyone singing the 'Run for home' which since the first Sunday for Sammy show always brings a tear to my eye. Both shows got a standing ovation which were deserved as everyone especially Jimmy and Tim had obviously put a huge amount of work in, and all at their own expense. We left the shows with a smile on our faces and a lump in our throats.

It was great so see the Geordie gang on stage again and especially to hear Jimmy sing. For us going to Newcastle feels like 'going home' even though we are from the South East. It's a shame that there were no souvenirs to buy this time but we do have the memories of 2 fantastic shows and we look forward to buying the DVD.

We saw Brian Johnson again on Monday and congratulated him on the show. Being a nice bloke he stood up and thanked us, shook our hands, and then kissed me on the cheek. It makes a change to be able to say that a celebrity was nice and not in the slightest bit arrogant or rude. (I wanted to ask for his copy of the show script but I didn't have the nerve!!) Perhaps one day I'll meet Jimmy in same sort of situation and be able to have a chat to him (we live in hope!!)