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Jimmy at Southend - by Lorri Cusson

Still buzzing from a fabulous Monday night with Jimmy Nail in Ipswich, we were poised to do it again at Southend on Thursday, May 10, 2001.

As this was to be our first visit to Southend, Sharon and Alan decided to take Tim and I into town early so that we could all go for a bit of a walk about. For this landlocked body, the sea was a magnificent sight indeed. After a leisurely afternoon walk in the sunshine, a pleasant visit on the longest pier in the world, and a delicious dinner, we were more than ready to enjoy the main event, or so we thought. The remarkable series of events that were to unfold that evening is etched in my memory.

Securing a space in the parking lot early in the evening and close to the venue was prudent to be sure-I think my friends have done this before! Good call guys, the place eventually became packed. Thanks to Sharon's impeccable intuition, after a slight detour, we returned to the Cliff's Pavillion much earlier than originally anticipated.

Having claimed one of the outdoor tables overlooking the sea, the fellas left to get us some drinks. Amazingly, Geoff Dugmore was also on the terrace. He cordially joined us for a nice long chat and he also kindly posed for photos, once again! He really is a charming guy. That was so cool; however, what happened next was nothing short of astounding-Sharon spotted none other than Jimmy Nail himself and as she so aptly said, "Panic-one of those shall I or shan't I moments again." What a turmoil! Although we originally had no intentions to intrude, Tim threw all caution to the wind when Jimmy unexpectedly left the group with whom he was talking. Tim walked over to request a photo and to tell him that Sharon and Alan were also there. Unbelievable-he came over to say hi!

How can you tell someone in only a few moments how much their music has moved you and enriched your life? Impossible! In addition, it's hilarious, as I think back, how quickly a much treasured musician can reduce a normally lucid adult into an incoherent bundle of mush. Sixteen revisited all over again-so funny. What a gentleman.

Before he rejoined his group, he graciously complemented my friends on the quality of their fan site and not only posed for photos; but also, he kindly gave them permission to publish them on the site. He is beyond doubt a gifted man who is blessed with true professionalism. This chance encounter was fantastic! We were positively glowing!

However, it did not end thereĀ… We also met Melvin Duffy. What a pleasure to speak to such a delightful chap brimming with youthful enthusiasm. Best wishes to "brothernature", Melvin. Then, we met Graham Henderson. Now there's a pensive young man. I recognized the poetry book you were reading Graham. I hope that means you are writing songs that we will hear someday. Ripe with excitement from our chat with Jimmy and the guys, I found it extremely difficult to sit in the auditorium seat to await the beginning of the performance.