Then suddenly, as the lighting increased when Jimmy and the band walked onto the stage, the same great feeling that I had experienced on two previous occasions instantly returned. Wow! There was Jimmy leading an excellent band that we had just met (but one) sorry we missed you Graham.

Jimmy treated us to an eclectic collection of old favourites such as Crocodile Shoes, Blue Roses, and On This Night of a Thousand Stars…he held that last note just fine by the way. In addition, when he moved into his cathartic rumination of Big River, it had the power to completely captivate his audience. A song is not only a way to tell a story, share a point of view, express an idea or a feeling; but also, it's a form of communication that goes beyond words. Thus, it is clear that he still has profound human empathy with and respect for his hometown, which brings to light the admiration we all gain when we empathize in return.

There were also plenty of smiles when he launched into his humourous rendition of CCR's Bad Moon Rising, to which a few lyrics were changed for the benefit of those who were paying attention. I would like to add that the tasteful props for the night happily did not detract from the show on stage.

He also sang a few tracks from his latest CD, 10 Great Songs and an Ok Voice. For the record, Jimmy you have a fine rich voice that is much more than "Ok". A few standouts were his opening of Clear White Light, which for me was pure transcendence and his phrasing of the lyrics to Lady D'Arbanville gave the song a deeper sense of mystery. It all ended too quickly to a rousing round of applause. The evening closed with an encore featuring a striking version of Elvis Costello's ShipBuilding.

Jimmy Nail has the ability to bridge the gulf between young and old, who can sometimes possess dynamically opposed musical taste, but proved here, nonetheless, to have much in common.

Also, though usually apolitical, he did banter briefly about the upcoming election. His great songs, relaxed stage presences, together with good-humoured chatty fun between songs, spontaneity, and his warm invitation for audience participation, showcase this man's talent. An evening with Jimmy Nail is an unforgettable one indeed. The crowd, having enjoyed themselves tremendously, was left wanting more, which of course is the sign of a wonderful performance. In terms of exhilaration and sheer good time, this was undoubtedly my favourite concert.

As for the group of friends who left the Pavilion that night, Jimmy Nail has cemented a special bond created because of him only a few years before. Thank you Jimmy! Sharon and Alan…well you know….furthermore, there are memories in a person's life that can evoke an instant smile and for me, this unforgettable day is definitely one of them.