Cliffs Pavillion, Westcliffe on Sea 10th May 2001


What a beautiful day, the weather was fantastic so we went to Southend early in the afternoon to enjoy the sunshine.

After a walk along the sea front and a ride on a train to the end of the longest pier in the world we drove to the car park next to the theatre early on to ensure we would get a space. We could see by this time that the tour bus and lorry had already arrived and were parked outside the theatre. Tim our Canadian friend decided to be brave and have a bit of a chat to the people at the stage door, one of these people was Graham Henderson who said "you're one of the Canadians Geoff was talking about." Fame at last…………

Sharon and Lorri

We wandered down to the sea front, and sat down to eat dinner at around 5:00pm. Alan needed to get some cash so we headed up to the high street to find a cash point and also a bar to spend the next hour or so in. I don't know what made me do this but I am very glad I did. I suggested that rather than go for a drink in the town perhaps we should head back to the theatre and see if there was anywhere close by, a decision that I shall remember for ever.

We got back to the theatre only to see that the bar there was already open and it overlooked the sea and you could sit outside. Lorri and I grabbed a table while the boys went to get the drinks.

Geoff and Lorri

Within a couple of minutes Geoff Dugmore had walked around the corner talking on his mobile phone. He stopped about 10 metres away from us and continued his conversation, then, when he'd finished his call he happened to glance in our direction. He said hello to us and then walked over for a chat. Blimey, the Canadian woman and the woman who runs the website are almost famous. Geoff chatted to us for quite some time about the tour and our favourites on the new album. There were more photo's etc and then Geoff went off to work.

Geoff and Sharon
What happened next is the most exciting of all (sorry Geoff you do come a very close second), I happened to glance over to the road at the entrance of the theatre and who was there? you've guessed it, JIMMY NAIL. Panic - one of those 'shall I or shan't I' moments again. He was obviously meeting some people that he'd invited to the show so it would be very rude to butt in, wouldn't it? We wandered to within about 5 metres of him, that was closer than I'd ever been before so I'd have been happy with that. Jimmy broke away from his group to look at the theatre posters, and Tim moved in once again. He explained that they'd come all the way from Canada and that we run the website

Nana Mouskouri?!!?

Jimmy was obviously pushed for time as he had to go off and have dinner but he very kindly agreed that we could take some photographs and we could publish them on the site, he also complimented us on the site. Jimmy said "enjoy the show" and off he went.

We couldn't take much more excitement, perfect setting, meeting and chatting to Geoff at length for the second time in four days, meeting and receiving compliments from and photographs of Jimmy Nail. Things just couldn't be better, but……….. in the course of the next 20 minutes or so we met and chatted to Melvyn Duffy and Graham Henderson. In approximately one hour we had met, chatted to and taken pictures of every member of the band except Graham Kearns, sorry Graham it's not personal we just didn't see you,

Jimmy, Lorri, Sharon

By the time we got into the theatre we just didn't care how good the show was we were all on cloud nine, but once again the show was fantastic. I think the set was identical to Ipswich but I wouldn't swear to it as my mind was all over the place.

Everyone in the band was fantastic, they gave us a lot of their precious time in chatting to us and really made a brilliant show more perfect than you could ever imagine. You always hear horror stories about how famous people react to being approached but in this case they could not have been nicer.

Jimmy tries to slip away..

All things considered this has definitely been my favourite tour and I now have memories and photographs that I will treasure forever. I'd still love to have the chance to chat to Jimmy properly as there's a lot I'd like to say, who knows it may happen one day. For now I'll just keep remembering the last few days as vividly as when they happened.

Thanks again to everyone in the band, and Geoff please remember your promise.

Tim, Jimmy, Sharon

Sharon, Graham, Lorri

Lorri, Melvyn, Sharon

If anyone out there is going to Newcastle on 21st May, we'll be there with you in spirit even though we won't be there personally.

Enjoy the rest of the tour everyone if you're going to your first gig of this tour you are in for a real treat.


Cliffs Pavillion