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A selection of screen appearances

Morons title
Desmond Desmond (a dull alien) The Morons The Morons: Paul Brown, Jimmy Nail, Joanne Pearce

Evita title
Jimmy Jimmy & Madonna Jimmy
What a boring waste of time that was

Arrrgh! It's that woman! Saturday afternoon in Chelmsford Tim Spall
Click to enlarge Strange Fruit As Les Wickes
Totally brilliant film. Did we say we've met Bill Nighy?

Jimmy's credits for TV and film (source: International Movie Database):

Name Year Format Character
The Tenth Kingdom 2000 TV Series Clay Face the Goblin
Still Crazy 1998 Film Les Wickes
Evita 1996 Film Agustín Magaldi
Crocodile Shoes 1994 (mini) TV Series Jed Shepperd
Spender 1990 TV Series Freddy Spender
Danny, the Champion of the World 1989 TV Rabbetts
Crusoe 1988 Film Tatik
Dream Demon 1988 Film Paul
Just Ask for Diamond 1988 Film Boyle
Howling II 1985 Film Dorn
Blott on the Landscape 1985 TV Series Edwards
Morons from Outer Space 1985 Film Desmond Brock
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 1984 TV Series Willie 'Oz' Osbourne

Notable TV guest appearances:

Lenny Henry Tonite (1986): "Neighbourhood Watch" (episode # 1.4) 1986